​If you can’t buy it - make it!

Around 1999 I was searching for a Celtic Bracelet as a special gift. After looking around every high street, I became hopelessly disappointed at the terrible quality on offer. All the Celtic bracelets were cast, mass produced and of poor quality. Many didn’t really look like Celtic knots at all. I just couldn’t find the quality I was looking for. See the bottom bracelet in the photo. 

One day, I stumbled across a small back street jewellery shop and in the window I saw a beautiful Celtic bracelet with real interwoven knots. The quality was just stunning and exactly what I was looking for. The shop owner explained that this was hand crafted by a jeweller who had created every tiny knot in gold.... I bought it!

At home I pondered this and decided I wanted to be able to make a Celtic bracelet of my own. I read every single book I could, (before  YouTube). I eventually worked out a method to make it. I then  enrolled on a short course at the local college to learn how to solder. That was all I needed to know. I was then off making my own Celtic bracelets. I have been making jewellery and pushing myself to new challenges ever since.

Over the years I have devised many techniques and methods. With the advent of YouTube, I began to share my skills and knowledge to an eager crowd looking for the same answers I was when I began. My YouTube channel now has over one million hits and I receive over a hundred thousand hits a month. People email and message me every day to seek my advice and thank me for sharing my knowledge.

Check out my YouTube channel below and see how it's all done.
Top. My first Celtic Bracelet. See the "how" page to see how I made this. Note the difference with the shop bought one below it.
Bottom. A typical shop bought Celtic bracelet in the same design. Mass produced and cheap quality. I hope you can see the difference.
Moreover I have become involved with many leading tool companies around the world, offering advice and assistance in developing the latest tools and equipment for jewellers.

I also lecture part time in graphic design, but I hope to soon be teaching my own jewellery making classes.